Cayman S

Black Editions – Hot or Not? – We look at 5 examples..

Special Editions. Sometimes they’re really special, whilst at other times it’s just a way of freshening up a familiar model which has been on sale for a few years. Few would question its effectiveness when selling a few extra super-minis or roadsters during the summer months, but there’s been a growing tendency during the past 24 months to follow the special edition route with performance cars.

Porsche Cayman S Black Edition emerges from the shadows with 330 bhp

Another day, another Porsche “special edition”, but haven’t we been here before? Earlier this year Porsche introduced the 911 Black Edition – a base 911 wearing a party frock, then the Boxster S Black Edition with a 10 bhp upgrade over the regular Boxster S and now the Porsche Cayman S Black Edition – which true to form is a slightly more powerful – up to 326 bhp – and much cooler than the regular Cayman S.

New Nissan 370Z v Porsche Cayman S

Nissan’s 370Z has the Cayman firmly in its sights – a dangerous game, as the mid-engined Porsche is a stunning device. But will the Zed’s price tip the balance?

Revamped Cayman S vs Nissan 370Z – follow us live on Twitter

Another week, another group test, this time the eagerly anticipated comparison between Porsche’s new Cayman S and Nissan’s 370Z. We’ve also invited along a previous generation Cayman S to see if the game really has moved on.

Porsche Cayman S First Drive – new feature

Pity the poor Porsche 911. Wounded by challenges from brands as diverse as Aston Martin and Nissan it now faces the sternest test of all: that from its own flesh and blood. Richard Meaden drives the revamped Cayman S.