Adwatch: Is your range too small? Chevy’s Volt could ease your anxiety..

If you inadvertently search the terms ‘size anxiety’ on Google, you’ll find a host of topics offering support for those people concerned by whether they measure up against expectations. So perhaps it’s not surprising to see such concerns extend beyond size, to how long it will last.

We’re talking about ‘Range anxiety’ – The fear that a vehicle has insufficient range to reach its destination and would thus strand the vehicle’s occupants.’

Chevy Camaro comes to the UK

Up until now, if you wanted to buy your very own American muscle car here in the UK, then your choices were limited to one of the reputable import agents or handling the direct shipment yourself. Even the Boss 302 Mustang, that we ran on behalf of Ford Europe last year, doesn’t come with a UK price tag.

On the edge or a step too far? The Super Bowl ads that crossed the line

Super Bowl ads are a multi-million dollar investment for brands, so it’s hardly surprising to find some stretching that little bit ‘too far’ in their quest to ensure a positive return. But are they really crossing the line? Or are these just another example of the age old tactic of using controversy to gain exposure?

Build your own Camaro

Chevrolet launches ‘Configurator’ for new Camaro and although it won’t be available in the UK, we’d like you to show us what you’d go for by posting your Configured Camaros in the comment section.