Peugeot goes time travelling with the HX1 Concept Car

By Peugeot’s own admission their HX1 is a prospective concept car, so there’s not the slightest change that you’ll see it on the roads anytime soon. It is designed to help envisage future solutions in architecture, aerodynamics, modularity, equipment, interior materials and the environment, plus not forgetting, of course, powerplants.

Volkswagen’s message to Greenpeace – put-up! or shut-up!

I’ve made no secret of my disgust at Greenpeace’s recent anti-Volkswagen campaign, The Dark Side – it was misleading, divisive and downright ignorant. These raging activists took Volkswagen to task for their failure to sign up to more stringent CO2 targets in Europe, castigating them for lobbying against the proposed 30 per cent threshold that environmentalists were campaigning to become law.

Toyota Prius vs Sheep Farts

What exactly does this say about Toyota marketing strategy for its hybrid poster-child? Was a cow not good enough? Or perhaps on the scale of animal flatulence, the sheep is the harder target to beat and therefore warrants a poster in celebration of such an achievement?

First Drive: Honda CR-Z

“It doesn’t know what it’s trying to be, what’s it meant to be? Too schizophrenic for me.” These are the words of a fellow scribe who has also just spent the last 90 minutes in the East Midlands countryside driving Honda’s new hybrid offering – the CR-Z.

I personally don’t agree with this assessment, though even Honda themselves admit there’s no real competitor to its Honda Insight successor. Nevertheless, curious and intrigued by a car whose chassis designer claimed the Elise partly inspired the CR-Z, I popped along a week ahead of its UK launch to see what all the hype was about.