CT 200h

Lexus CT 200h F-Sport adds a bit of sparkle to being sensible

I am a big fan of vehicles which succeed in contradicting first impressions – Jaguar’s C-X75 which looks like it’s powered by a gas-guzzling 6-litre V12, but instead is propelled by a novel turbine-based hybrid powertrain, Volkswagen’s 172 bhp Transport Sportline which could give a sporty hatchback a run for its money and Porsche’s new 911 which offers 170 mph performance combined with near 40 mpg economy.

And now there’s the Lexus CT 200h F-Sport. Kind of.

Lexus gets pimpin’ in Vegas

It’s a wonderfully incongruous sight to the see a herd of Lexi strutting their stuff down the 2010 SEMA show catwalk, shakin’ their hybrid-booties. More than any other car maker thus far, Lexus has made alternative energy ‘cool’ and what better way to demonstrate this than at the 2010 SEMA auto trade show in Las Vegas, where mainstream car makers and tuning companies showcase their most thrilling automotive creations.

Lexus announces UK prices for new hybrid CT 200h

Lexus have revealed the UK pricing and specifications of the new CT 200h, its fully-hybrid powered entry into the UK’s small luxury car market. The entry level CT 200h SE-I is being positioned head-to-head with BMW’s 118d SE and Audi’s A3 2.0 TDI SE with prices starting at £23,485 climbing to £30,635 for the CT 200h SE-L Premier.