ROAD 15: Steer From The Rear

There’s something very special about rear wheel drive cars. They offer a driving purity front and four wheel drive cars can’t. As FWD and 4WD cars struggle to cope with steering and drivetrain influences, a RWD car isn’t pulled from the front, it’s pushed from behind, leaving the front axle to do as nature intended, steer.

Ferrari releases new dynamic pictures of the FF

You can tell how proud Ferrari are of their new four-wheel drive transmission, by how keen they are to show it being used in a way that no previous Ferrari could hope to aspire to. This is both a Ferrari for power slides and the most sensible car in Ferrari’s range.

Ken Block Gymkhana – Bonus Video

“Check this out – some bonus footage of Ken Block’s Gymkhana video showing some of the errors and damage behind the final version – Ken admits that it took several takes to film the video, but challenges anyone watching to do better…” – LelrA