Lamborghini. Carbon, the sixth element (Teaser 4 of 6)

Have you guessed what it is yet? No? I get the feeling that perhaps Lamborghini should have jumped BMW for the domain name’, because there’s even less to blog about when it comes to these teaser images of the latest – concept/production model – (delete as appropriate) from Automobili Lamborghini.

Lamborghini reveals 3rd teaser image before Paris

Three down and just three more images to go before Lamborghini assembles the jigsaw puzzle and unveils what it’s been trying to tease about. With only 10 days until the big event (September 30, from 7.45 am) we can expect the teasers to arrive more frequently, I only hope the end product will be something they actually make, unlike the still-bord Estoque sports saloon of 2008.

Porsche reveal the Panamera

General office consensus has it that the new Panamera is better looking than most of us expected. What do you think? As ever, Porsche…