Toyota snatch Nürburgring Electric Car Lap Record from Peugeot (w/Video)

Electric-powered cars have only recently begun lapping Germany’s Nürburgring Norschleife and even then it was more to prove that their ability to lap the 20.8 km Green-Hell on a single charge. That was certainly the aim of the MINI E in April 2010 when it scorched around the lap in a record-breaking 9 minutes 51.45 seconds. No, we didn’t think that was terribly quick either, but at least it made it back to the pits before running out of charge. Ha ha!

Peugeot goes time travelling with the HX1 Concept Car

By Peugeot’s own admission their HX1 is a prospective concept car, so there’s not the slightest change that you’ll see it on the roads anytime soon. It is designed to help envisage future solutions in architecture, aerodynamics, modularity, equipment, interior materials and the environment, plus not forgetting, of course, powerplants.

Geneva Watch: Rolls-Royce 102EX – A Very British Success Story

Geneva has certainly been rocking these last few days, as manufacturers struggle to get their exhibition entries ready for the critical gaze of the public eye. As you would imagine, Geneva is the largest automotive exhibition of the year and it is essential that automotive brands in development, in terms of both image and technology, have something that stands out at the show.