Video: Mountune Focus ST v Graham Goode Racing Focus ST

What happens when you put our Focus ST260 Mountune together against a 300 bhp Graham Goode Racing Focus ST?

Well DR reader Vlad Ilyushchenko was kind enough to join us at Bruntingthorpe during our Hot Hatch shootout feature to find out. The 2-mile straight at Bruntingthorpe beckons and Chris Harris is our man in the Mountune ST..

Shelby Mustang GT500 Super Snake – New Video

Is it really possible to have ‘too much’ power? Chris Harris ponders the question when he drives the 605bhp Shelby GT500 Super Snake – a car which in the ranks of muscle cars is clearly in the heavyweight bodybuilder category.

It’s looks might not be to everbody’s taste but it’s the real deal when it comes to gasoline-fueled entertainement.

Long-termer shootout at Curborough Sprint Track – New Feature

We deliberated long into the night. The tender for DR’s end-of-term bash had already been vexing the directors’ of the major international raceways for a few months when the deadline approached. Despite strong pitches from Fuji and Laguna Seca and an impassioned appeal from B. Ecclestone Esq to consider his little place at Paul Ricard, we fell for the charms of the 900 yard Curborough Sprint Course. Nothing else came close.

Shelby GT500 Super Snake – new audio

We’ve been out driving a new Shelby GT500 Super Snake, kindly supplied to us by a friend of DR, and we thought we’d share a few sound files to whet your appetite before the article and videos are published next week.

So, what is a GT500 Super Snake I hear you ask?

VW to enter WRC?

What with the FIA fannying about with the regulations, and any interest in global motorsport currently being herded in the direction of Max’s shredded…