ROAD 37: Citroën DS Special

Citroën has always been a quirky, distinctly Gallic car manufacturer – offering something design-led, daring and different from its competitors. And we applaud them…

Dynamic new DS4 joins Citroën’s DS line

After the success of Citroën’s DS3 who could blame Citroën for wishing to offer the same stylish and individual qualities further up the range. Enter the new DS4, Citroën’s offering in the VW Golf, Alfa Romeo Giulietta, BMW 1-Series and Audi A3 Sportback segment.

Citroën reveals its radical new DS5

The DS3 put Citroën back on the shopping list of drivers looking for something with a bit of flair and the joie de vivre that the French brand became so famous for. The mid-sized DS4 offered a less funky interpretation of Citroën’s joie-design range, looking more like a re-skin of the humble C4 than an innovative new design – but now with the DS5, Citroën have turned the funk back up to ten.