Porsche Supercup ace René Rast tests BMW’s M3 DTM for the 2012 season

If you’ve watched any of this season’s F1-supporting Porsche Supercup races, then you’ll have heard of René Rast – the young 24-year old German driver who has dominated Porsche Supercup and Carerra Cup racing for the past 3 years. Winner of the Porsche Carrera World Cup in 2011, Rast was Porsche Supercup champion in 2010, runner-up in 2009 and German Carrera Cup champion in 2008.

Top Wiesmann models will be fitted with twin-turbo BMW V8s

As if they weren’t already quick enough, Wiesmann have now fitted BMW’s innovative twin-turbo V8 engines with its exhaust superchargers fitted centrally in the V of the cylinder banks. Starting in the new year, the Wiesmann GT and Roadster MF4 and MF5 can now be ordered with the new engine type which is considerably more efficient and economical than their predecessors.

Ze crazy E-Class advert

Looks like the stresses of work are starting to tell at Mercedes’ creative agency. You’ll probably need to watch this several times before it (even remotely) makes sense..