Volkswagen serves up more of the same with the Mk7 Golf GTI Concept

I should be used to it, after witnessing six previous generations of Volkswagen Golf, but somehow I still kid myself that the next one will be different.

It never is, although perhaps that’s not such a bad thing, because the Golf GTI remains the one car that every other car maker aspires to beat, and thus far it remains the benchmark sporting hatchback that does everything well, and some things exceptionally well.

Video: 2010 Vauxhall Astra at Millbrook

Fabrizio Giovanardi drives the new Vauxhall Astra around Millbrook’s mountain circuit in a make-believe race with its competitors from Ford and Volkswagen. I am sure Vauxhall didn’t expect us to be fooled, but it’s an interesting way to reveal their new family car.