Twingo R.S. adopts Renault’s new styling

With more than 10,000 cars sold since its launch in September 2008, Twingo R.S. has emerged as one of the most popular Renaultsport models – further boosted by the Twingo Gordini R.S. in early 2010.

Now with the launch of the restyled Renault Twingo at the start of this year, it’s time for Renaultsport to receive the new styling cues.

Frankfurt 2011: New Twingo Renaultsport 133 and Twingo Gordini

The New Twingo Renaultsport 133 made its world premiere at Frankfurt yesterday – presented in the signature Renaultsport Liquid Yellow body colour. In addition to its dynamic grille incorporating four lights, the new Twingo Renaultsport 133 features what Renault describe as “..an F1-style front blade in the bumper”.

New Renault Twingo breaks cover

Renault’s new 2012 Twingo broke cover this evening prior to its scheduled appearance at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September. It’s more evolution than revolution, but Renault have certainly tidied up the styling of its entry-level model as it adopts several of the latest styling features introduced by Renault’s head of design, Laurens van der Acker.

Renault extends its Gordini line-up with the Wind

I have always considered the Renault Wind to be a car, intended primarily for female buyers who’d like something stylish, easy-to-park and manoeuvrable in towns and cities. That’s not intended as a slur on our female audience, some of whom (including Mrs D) would quite happily drive around in a 911 every day, but chic two-seaters such as the Renault Wind have proven popular with the fairer-sex and style is a large part of its appeal.

Renault Clio Gordini

It doesn’t seem that long ago that the latest Clio Renaultsport would be automatically considered the best value performance hatch in its class. Whilst a decent Mini Cooper S used to set you back around £16,500 you could pick up a Clio Renaultsport Cup for a little under £14,000. Bargain. But the same is not so immediately true when it comes to the Clio Gordini.