Nissan explains the philosophy behind its 2013 GT-R in a revealing new video

Earlier today in the northeast city of Sugo, Nissan unveiled its 2013 GT-R, which goes on sale in Japan later this month and from January for the rest of the world. But the real interest behind this news is a 12-minute video featuring GT-R Project Chief, Kazutoshi Mizuno, who explains his commitment to evolving the GT-R, making each iteration better and faster than the previous one.

Nissan releases details of its 2011 GT-R

Nissan seem to be following in the foot-steps of their arch nemesis, Porsche, with a range of GT-R versions to mark the 2011 model year. Granted, there’s still a long way to go before they catch up with the 26 variants of 911, but if it works for ze Germans, then why not for Japan’s most revered sports car maker.

New Nissan 370Z v Porsche Cayman S

Nissan’s 370Z has the Cayman firmly in its sights – a dangerous game, as the mid-engined Porsche is a stunning device. But will the Zed’s price tip the balance?

First Drive – Nissan 370Z – New Feature

Hot on the heels of the remarkable GT-R and with the Porsche Cayman squarely in its sights, Nissan’s new 370Z needs to be good. DR drives the canyons of California and the deserts of Nevada to see if it delivers.