ROAD 33: Sports Hatches

Cars designed with female buyers in mind who like a bit of poke under their right stiletto are pretty few and far between. And…

Ford’s Focus ST Cops Out

Following its movie debut this Summer in the crime thriller, The Sweeney, the Police have taken such a liking to Ford’s all-new ST that they’re now evaluating it for official duties.

Seat’s new look ‘old shape’ León FR+ now with Supercopa upgrades

Seat would like you to believe that it’s mid-sized Leon hatchback is as up-to-date as the Ford Focus, Vauxhall Astra and Volkswagen Golf. Not a year goes by, it seems, before another press release comes out with the words ‘New’ and ‘Leon’ in close proximity, and yet it’s the same MPV-like Leon that’s graced our roads since 2005.

Volvo presents the all-new 2013 V40

I predicted last week that the launch of the Volvo V40 will be a more significant event for most of us than Ferrari’s F620, which is officially unveiled tomorrow.

SEAT extends its range with the FR+

When running short of ideas on what to call a new model derivative, why not just stick a ‘+’ sign at the end of its name? Well if it’s good enough for Google..

Unlike Google the SEAT Leon FR+ seems to be capable of more than just turning circles. The new Leon FR+ is a significant step up from the ‘standard’ FR trim in terms of both performance and equipment.