Audi TT RS plus – now with more sweetness

I’ve never been a great fan of an RS ‘plus’ model being in Audi’s range, as far as I’m concerned ‘RS’ implies, “this is the best we can make it”, so what does a ‘RS plus’ mean? We lied?

Audi’s New A6 treads lightly

The launch of Audi’s new A6 feels like it’s been overshadowed by the A7 which arrived on the scene back in July. Back then Audi described the A7 as “..standing almost toe to toe with the current A6 Saloon” and now that we’ve pored over the details of this new A6, this quote could be reworded from ‘almost’ to ‘exactly’ – we’re struggling to spot the difference between the two, apart from the A7’s fastback rear and higher price.