land rover

Livestream: Jaguar Land Rover at the Paris Motor Show

Adrian Hallmark, Global Brand Director of Jaguar, will be performing his own ode to the new F-TYPE at a press conference tomorrow morning – from 07:00-07:15 BST (08:00-08:15 CEST/ local time), however his rendition will be in the form of a slide-show rather than the musical performance provided by Miss Del Rey.

Land Rover Defender XTech Special Edition goes on sale at £27,995

Land Rover has finally conceded to customer demand and built a Defender without all those fluffy soft-roader comforts of the standard version – they’ve called it the ‘XTech’ – think of it like an Audi S-Line, or Volvo R Design – more street (or forest) cred, but essentially the same as a standard version.

Bowler and Land Rover tie the knot after a very long engagement

Raise your hand if you thought Land Rover and Bowler were already inseparably hitched. Now raise your hand if you could imagine Bowler existing without Land Rover. If your hand was ‘up’ for the first question and ‘down’ for the second, then you may be puzzled to hear that it’s taken until 2012 for both brands to announce a formal partnership.