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IOTD: Land Rover DC100 owns the wilderness.. (w/DOWNLOAD)

Today’s Image Of The Day is a personal one for me – I’m well aware that for many Land Rover enthusiasts, September 2011 represents the month when the spirit of their beloved Defender was put to the sword – the DC100 Concept was unveiled with the promise that by 2015 something very close to it would become the new Land Rover Defender.

Land Rover teases with its All-New Defender Concept

For those of us open to change, the DC100 is a pure tease – we want it NOW, Land Rover should cancel those design clinics and start producing it immediately, but this is a Defender Concept and Land Rover didn’t get to where they are now by ignoring the preferences of their most loyal customers.

In a Land Rover you’ll be safe inside…

Sometimes – on very rare occasions – our friends from across the pond produce better car ads than their European counterparts. Volkswagen comes to mind with their recent Super Bowl ads, or those hilarious off-beat VW Academy ads with Saturday Night Live comedian Bill Hader. Land Rover are another brand that have blurred the lines between the normally dull commercial and a genuine piece of entertainment.

Land Rover: Reaching Vulnerable People Around the World

Most brands get involved in some kind of community or social activity – it’s good for business, provides good photo opportunities and deflects attention away from unsavoury subjects such as executive pay, environmental pollution and fair trade.

Land Rover announces the Defender X-Tech

As the current iteration of Land Rover’s venerable Defender reaches its twilight years, the Gaydon manufacturer launches the X-Tech Edition to show that there’s still plenty of life left in the old stager. The Defender X-Tech offers raw and edgy style, with the class-leading all-terrain capability you would expect of this motoring icon.

The analogue brand in a digital age

In an age when we’ve become obsessed by gadgets, where car adverts compete for budget with the very best Hollywood trailers and marketing campaigns try to seize our attention with high-impact messages, it’s such a pleasant relief to find Land Rover quietly and calmly calling a spade a spade.

OK Go, the most downloaded band in history, make art with Evoque iPhone app

The US rock band OK Go – whose Grammy Award winning treadmill video was watched by over 50 million people on YouTube and whose most recent video This Too Shall Pass has received 17 million hits on YouTube – is using the latest GPS technology to take fans on a unique musical journey through LA.

The group will carry instruments and amplifiers through the streets of their home city and ask music lovers to log on and follow them via Facebook and twitter as they walk and play.

Land Rover reveals the 5-Door Range Rover Evoque

Earlier today Land Rover released pictures of the 5-Door version of the all-new Range Rover Evoque, which makes its global public debut at the 2010 Los Angeles Auto Show next week (November 17, 2010).

Measuring 30mm taller than the coupé model, the 5-Door Range Rover Evoque adds further space and versatility. Rear seat passengers benefit from over 50mm more shoulder room, along with better headroom. The key lines remain intact – the dramatic rising beltline, muscular shoulder running the length of the car, and the distinctive taper to the floating roofline – but with a slightly higher rear roof, in all other respects it remains identical to the 3-door coupe which means it stays true to the spirit of the LRX concept design.

Live coverage from the Paris Motor Show

Not everyone can travel to Paris to watch all those shiny new cars being launched, so to save you the trip we’ve put together a simple web page to present 3 of the LIVE webcasts from the show, which kicks off tomorrow.

Spare a thought for the ‘uncool’ car makers

Aston Martin were today announced as the coolest brand in the UK, outdoing Apple’s iPhone which held the top spot last year. The index was drawn up from a potential list of more than 10,000 brands which are whittled down and rated by a panel of 35 ‘style-experts’, before 2,100 members of the public provided their ratings.