Launch campaign for BMW’s new 3 Series focuses on sporting passion

You can gain a sense for how BMW has chosen to position the new 3 Series, by the new marketing campaign which was kicked off today. The launch campaign for the new 3 Series developed by creative agency Interone, Munich, underlines the sporty and dynamic character of the vehicle, coupled with high levels of efficiency and impressive design.

Mercedes unveils its 3rd generation SLK Roadster

You may remember the headlines when a video of the new Mercedes SLK leaked onto the internet last month, well now we have the official unveiling of Mercedes’ 3rd generation SLK which will be launched in the UK in June, 2011.

The sense we gain from Mercedes’ press brief is that they’ve tried to secure the class-lead in every aspect of this compact roadster segment, now that BMW’s Z4 has emulated the SLK’s folding-hardtop format the Stuttgart car maker is intent on establishing some clear advantages which will differentiate the SLK in the eyes of the customer.

Mercedes’ New SLK gets leaked ahead of launch (incl. VIDEO)

It was due to be launched in January 2011, but a video of the new 2012 Mercedes-Benz SLK leaked onto YouTube last night before being taken down shortly after. The lengthy promotional film shows the folding-hardtop SLK in detail, highlighting some of its new features including the NECK-PRO head restraint, adaptive lighting and ECO stop/start system.