Le Mans

Porsche 956 Nurburgring

“Derek Bell takes his old company car on a 6 minute 41 second lap of the Nurburgring – awesome driving and some great commentary as the Porsche 956 puts 650bhp to work around the ‘ring!” – Stig

BMW X5 Le Mans

Take one McLaren F1 V12 engine, shoehorn it into the front of an X5, give it to racing legend Hans Stuck and tell him to wring its neck. Then stand well back.

Audi R8 V10 – First drive

As close to perfect as a mid-engined car gets, the V8 R8 is a magical machine. Question is, by adding a V10 motor has Audi broken the spell? We drive Audi’s new upgraded supercar and attempt to answer the question.

Aston Martin DBR9 – Gulf Phwoar!

In timely manner Richard Meaden describes what it is like to drive Aston’s awesome DBR9, winner of this year’s GT1 Class at Le Mans….