The Hamsters travel back in time for Kia’s New Soul campaign

To promote the new 2013 Kia Soul, those music-loving hamsters return in the third of the brand’s chart-topping series of viral videos.

‘Bringing Down the House’ is set to the Axwell Radio Edit of ‘In My Mind’, by Ivan Gough & Feenixpawl featuring Georgi Kay, and takes the 21st century’s dance music hamsters back in time to a stuffy 18th century opera house.

Will Hamsters be cool enough for Kia’s Track’ster?

This is the Kia Track’ster, a sporty new concept based on the popular Kia Soul – the car made famous by those cutesy Hamsters that grabbed our attention in the brilliant ‘New Way to Roll’ and ‘Share Some Soul’ ads.