First Look: The New ‘Diesel’ BMW M Performance Models

In what will be seen as the most controversial move yet by the German manufacturer, BMW has unveiled 4 new M models – all of them powered by diesel engines. In a subtle play on words BMW have named the range, BMW M Performance Models, distinguishing oh-so-subtly from their core BMW M Models such as the M5, M3, 1M and soon-to-be-launched M6.

IOTD: The new BMW M5 – too much horsepower?

It’s launch time for BMW’s new M5, a car which delivers the oddly juxtaposed characteristics of more performance with more efficiency, and amidst the vault of images is this one which illustrates the F10 M5’s horsepower advantage (552 bhp) over its E60 predecessor (500 bhp).

Kia goes baiting BMW’s M5

In response to BMW’s M5, Kia will be unveiling a new sports saloon concept at the next month’s Frankfurt motor show. “In response..?” I hear you say, “I didn’t know there was a question that the Korean manufacturer needed to respond to..”

Totally Gratuitous Shots of BMW’s 1 M Coupe on a Skidpad

Last night spy photographer Palbay contacted us to share a series of images of BMW’s 1 Series M Coupe at the BMW Performance Center Skidpad in South Carolina. The water adds a nice effect to the shots, and serves to underline just how much fun the driving school instructors were having at the time.

Drive the new BMW M5.

In just a few weeks time BMW will be offering a handful of enthusiasts the chance to drive the new F10 M5, the test will take place during the first half of August at an undisclosed location, but in order to stand any chance of being selected you must first be a registered user in the m-power.com Closed Room.

The new BMW M5. And you could test drive it… (w/video)

BMW has released further insights into the new F10 M5 on their popular user blog, m-power.com. Adopting more of a narrative style, the article looks at some of the key technical features being introduced on BMW’s fastest performance model.

BMW’s New M5 – The official details

BMW has just released UK specific information on its new F10 M5 and there are some rather nice surprises when we dig into the details. Firstly the price, which at £73,040 on-the-road undercuts the X5 M and X6 M by £7,755 and £9,150 respectively, but perhaps more importantly pitches the M5 some £400 below the less powerful 517 bhp Mercedes E63.

Yes, this is the new BMW M5.. (w/pictures)

You know the drill. The monthly magazines are provided with an early scoop on a new launch, so that they can prepare their front-page layouts and ensure the car maker’s promised-child appears prominently in their next issue. Then in fear of being gazumped by another magazine, the said monthly decides to leak a few images on the interweb, thus earning them oodles of backlinks and saving at least £10k in search marketing costs.

Introducing the New BMW M5 Concept

Following yesterday’s leaked images of the M5 Concept, from the event held last Friday in Munich, BMW have now officially unveiled details of its newest M model leading up to the car’s debut at the Shanghai Auto Show on 19th April.

BMW reveals the New M5 Concept

In just a few hours we’ll be able to pore over the details of BMW’s new M5 Concept, prior to its debut at the Shanghai Auto Show on 19th April. Pictures leaked out over the weekend, showed the undisguised car in the traditional BMW M concept-car paint finish, “Chrome Shadow”, after the car was revealed to the press at a private gathering in Munich last Friday.