Lotus appoints rapper Swizz Beatz as its new Vice President of Creative Design

Judging from the reaction on Lotus Cars’ facebook page this afternoon, news of their latest executive appointment has come as a bit of a shock. Lotus announced in a cryptic email that “..they had a new creative man on board — BUT can you guess who this particular international man of mystery is?” Well it’s none other than US record producer, rapper and all-round hip-hop star, Swizz Beatz.

Sigur ros name and shame plagiarising car advertisers

We are big fans of Icelandic post-rock band Sigur rós here at SkiddMark, their music is unique, uplifting yet thought-provoking, melodic but sometimes haunting. The band’s music is recognisable by lead singer Jónsi’s falsetto voice and by the simple melodies that seep into our sub-conscious after a brief listen.

It therefore comes as little surprise to find that so many Advertisers, Film and TV producers are keen to use their music as the perfect backdrop to their programmes and commercials, but you may be surprised to learn that the stock answer from Sigur rós to such a request is a polite but firm ‘No’.

Aston Martin embraces hip-hop…

It’s becoming all the rage these days, Fiat recently got together with Faithless for their Punto Evo campaign, spawning a ‘Feelin Good’ special edition. Aston Martin being the coolest of automotive brands chose… Swizz Beatz for their ‘music edition’ special. Erm, Swizz who?