Audi raises the roof with its R8 GT Spyder

The most extreme version of Audi’s R8 has gained (or lost, depending on your perspective) further appeal with a new soft-top Spyder variant of the R8 GT. Using the same 552 bhp V10 FSI powerplant as its hard-top sibling, the GT Spyder will be delivered to just 66 lucky customers in the UK out of a worldwide production of 333 units.

Audi reveals the A1 Quattro

Audi is currently testing a development installation of its quattro drivetrain in the sub-compact A1, bringing all-wheel-drive to this segment for the first time. As it gets to grip with the freezing Canadian conditions, Audi choose the opportunity to reveal its plans for its newest model in the range.

Audi launches a new online ‘heritage showroom’

Audi fans can now take a trip down memory lane through the brand’s 100-year history with the new heritage section on its audi.co.uk website. Visitors to the site can take in the sights of iconic Audi cars, observe Vorsprung durch Technik in action, re-live the thrills and spills of the brand’s motorsport record, and explore how four companies became one.