Launch campaign for BMW’s new 3 Series focuses on sporting passion

You can gain a sense for how BMW has chosen to position the new 3 Series, by the new marketing campaign which was kicked off today. The launch campaign for the new 3 Series developed by creative agency Interone, Munich, underlines the sporty and dynamic character of the vehicle, coupled with high levels of efficiency and impressive design.

BMW reveals the New 3 Series (w/Images and Video)

BMW has announced pricing and details of its new 3 Series saloon, ahead of the model’s official unveiling at 3PM (BST) today. Since 1975 BMW has sold more than 12 million 3 Series and the sixth-generation 3er is set to continue the success of its predecessors.

Geneva Watch: De Tomaso SLS – the Italian for BMW 5 GT

When you hear that Italian car maker De Tomaso is back after a 7 year absence, you’d be forgiven for getting excited by the prospect – after all this is the same marque that gave us the Pantera GTS, a direct competitor in its time to Lamborghini’s Countach. But I’ve felt almost embarrassed to publish the story, less I betray the disappointment that surfaces every time I see pictures of the sensible looking De Tomaso SLS. It’s just not a De Tomaso though, is it?

Hyundai’s Turbo Face campaign moves from video to print

We’ve been a little cynical in the past about Hyundai’s promotional campaign for the Sonata Turbo, the Sonata is not exactly the kind of car any of us would associate with ‘speed’ – in fact stick a Taxi sign on its roof and it would look right at home waiting in the taxi-rank at Slough station. But over in the USA, where there’s always been a greater affinity for Japanese and Korean marques, Hyundai have been mounting a campaign to transform the Sonata’s dowdy image and re-position it as a car to be desired rather than just used.

Audi’s New A6 treads lightly

The launch of Audi’s new A6 feels like it’s been overshadowed by the A7 which arrived on the scene back in July. Back then Audi described the A7 as “..standing almost toe to toe with the current A6 Saloon” and now that we’ve pored over the details of this new A6, this quote could be reworded from ‘almost’ to ‘exactly’ – we’re struggling to spot the difference between the two, apart from the A7’s fastback rear and higher price.