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McLaren’s P1 hyper car is spotted in the wilds of Norfolk

It’s surprising how ‘normal’ a supercar can look when taken away from the bright lights of a purpose-built Motor Show stand, however in these two pictures, scooped by Chris Bloxsome, we see McLaren’s P1 supercar looking no bigger than it needs to be.

GTA Spano reaches production

We’ve been in touch with Victor Fuster, Comms and Marketing Manager for GTA Spano, since early 2009, and despite dozens of email exchanges there’s not been much in the way of *new* News coming out of the Spanish supercar maker.

Ferrari confirms retractable hard top for the new 458 Spider

In a world first for a mid-engined sports car, the 458 Spider is equipped with a Ferrari patented fully retractable hard top, but where most hard top convertibles gain significant weight during such a transition, Ferrari’s 458 Spider made entirely from aluminium is 25 kg lighter than a traditional folding soft-top weighing in at around 50kg more than the 458 Italia.

F1 Insider: Who are Marussia?

As the 2011 F1 season begins in Melbourne today, we decided to take a look at the team which finished at the bottom of the championship in 2010 and specifically at their change in name to Marussia Virgin Racing for 2011.