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Renault announces the creation of Renault Sport F1

Bear with us on this one, since it may at first glance seem a little confusing. Renault who used to own and run the F1 team called Renault F1, pulled out of the sport at the end of the 2009 season at the peak of the economic downturn. Shortly after it was announced that Genii Capital, led by Gerard Lopez, had bought a majority stake in Renault F1 and it was this team which competed in the 2010 F1 season with drivers Robert Kubica and Vitaly Petrov.

This morning with the announcement of the partnership between Group Lotus and Genii Capital, Renault finally step back from being an F1 team owner into being purely a supplier of engines and technology. This new supply company will be called Renault Sport F1.

Group Lotus ups the stakes in its battle with Fernandes

This is steadily becoming the biggest motorsport pis**ng contest of recent times and clearly goes well beyond the bounds of gentlemanly competition… Welcome to Round 3 of the Lotus-vs-Lotus spat.

We were already aware that Group Lotus were in discussions with Genii Capital – majority shareholders in the Renault F1 team – about bringing a tie-up for 2011. The announcement was due at the final grand prix in Abu Dhabi, but there’s been much lobbying and negotiation in the background prior to this morning’s announcement.

Team Lotus confirmed for the 2011 F1 season

The FIA’s official entry list for the 2011 Formula One championship was revealed this afternoon, with the most significant news being that the FIA has accepted the change of name of Tony Fernandes’ 1 Malaysia Racing Team from Lotus Racing to Team Lotus.

Lotus – has it all gone just a little pear-shaped?

We seem to be writing a lot about Lotus this year, but then they’ve been making the headlines – usually for all the right reasons. Up until recently we were praising Lotus for the incredible albeit pricey Evora, their collaboration with 1 Malaysia Racing Team in F1 (licensed under the name ‘Lotus Racing’) and then the nostalgic return of the Lotus-brand to Indy Car Racing, run by KV Racing and driven by ex-F1 pilot Takuma Sato. 2010 looked like being a pretty good year for Lotus fans.

And then it all went horribly wrong.

Lotus Racing goes Black & Gold for 2011

Lotus Racing has announced this morning that its cars will be running in a black and gold colour scheme from the 2011 Championship onwards. This move echoes the evolution of Lotus Formula One™ cars of the past by moving from the iconic green and yellow paint scheme of the first season to the much loved black and gold.