EV Futures: Electric dreams – from nightmare to nirvana

With electric super car ‘halo’ models entering the fray, environmentally-friendly cars are about to become a lot more desirable. So, what’s the catch?

The competitive landscape for electric vehicles will change forever in 2013, not because of a deluge of sensible, affordable city cars from China, but because the biggest most aspirational car brands will begin a land grab of our heart and minds with a mind-boggling array of super sports cars.

Film: Toyota’s Road To Le Mans

Unless you’ve been living under a stone these past few months, you’re probably aware that Toyota is returning to Le Mans in 2012 – replacing Peugeot as the main challenger to the all-dominant Audis (although perhaps Nissan might wish to disagree).

Toyota unveils its 2012 TS030 HYBRID Le Mans challenger

Although Peugeot’s withdrawal from Le Mans series racing last week was a disappointment to those who have enjoyed its rivalry with Audi, the 2012 season will remain a closely fought affair due to the introduction of Toyota’s TS030 HYBRID Le Mans challenger.