Running Report: 2007 Audi TT 2.0 TFSi

The British Winter. It’s not ‘too’ arduous really, provided you don’t get stuck in a sudden blizzard, or your washer fluid freezes up, or some fool yet again launches themselves into the street furniture whilst attempting to drive, text and sip a piping-hot skinny latte.

Subaru breaks road-car lap record for the Isle of Man TT (w/interviews)

We know you’d much prefer to watch the lap being driven, rather read about it, however since we’re still awaiting the official video, you’ll have to make do with the spectacular image above showing British Rally Champion Mark Higgins flying (literally) around the Isle of Man TT course in his production-spec Subaru WRX STI saloon.

Audi reveals the A1 Quattro

Audi is currently testing a development installation of its quattro drivetrain in the sub-compact A1, bringing all-wheel-drive to this segment for the first time. As it gets to grip with the freezing Canadian conditions, Audi choose the opportunity to reveal its plans for its newest model in the range.