2013 Pirelli Calendar strips away the pretence of burnt rubber (w/VIDEO)

The 2013 Pirelli Calendar launched in Rio this week, has broken new ground – not because of the audaciousness of its content, quite the opposite in fact, the headlines this year are because of the complete absence of nudity whatsoever.

However for rubber fetishists, like you and I (or is it just me that fantasises about the tread patterns of performance tyres?), the 2013 edition also marks a watershed in Pirelli Calendars by its complete absence of tyres.

On the edge or a step too far? The Super Bowl ads that crossed the line

Super Bowl ads are a multi-million dollar investment for brands, so it’s hardly surprising to find some stretching that little bit ‘too far’ in their quest to ensure a positive return. But are they really crossing the line? Or are these just another example of the age old tactic of using controversy to gain exposure?

Get involved: Michelin Pilot Performance Test

During the next few days I will be evaluating Michelin’s high-performance Pilot tyre range fitted to a variety of cars, with the aim of understanding the incremental benefit gained from each performance level and the differences in their behavior. The tyres under test will be the Pilot Sport 2, Pilot Super Sport, Pilot Sport Cup+ and Pilot slicks.