Tour Britain with Infiniti’s FX Vettel Edition

What do you think of Infiniti? – The cars, the brand and how significant the company will be to you in the future? Chances are, unless you’re based in the U.S, the response to either of these questions will be a dismissive shrug of the shoulders.

Nissan GT-R Track Pack arrives..with velcro seats

The first deliveries of Nissan’s 2012 track-focused GT-R have reached UK shores, with the first lucky owners receiving their cars soon.

The new ‘Track Pack’ GT-R is lighter, faster and harder offering drivers an extra edge on circuit.

Chevy Camaro comes to the UK

Up until now, if you wanted to buy your very own American muscle car here in the UK, then your choices were limited to one of the reputable import agents or handling the direct shipment yourself. Even the Boss 302 Mustang, that we ran on behalf of Ford Europe last year, doesn’t come with a UK price tag.