Volkswagen’s message to Greenpeace – put-up! or shut-up!

I’ve made no secret of my disgust at Greenpeace’s recent anti-Volkswagen campaign, The Dark Side – it was misleading, divisive and downright ignorant. These raging activists took Volkswagen to task for their failure to sign up to more stringent CO2 targets in Europe, castigating them for lobbying against the proposed 30 per cent threshold that environmentalists were campaigning to become law.

Volkswagen presents the Driver-less car

It is either a sad indictment on the standards of modern driving, or a tribute to man’s technological progress that we edge ever closer to the day when the driver-less car will become a reality on our roads.

Fabia vRS 2000 design concept – A most unlikely Škoda

2011 is the 30th anniversary of the Wörthersee Tour, better known as GTI-Treffen, which is held each year in the beautiful surroundings of Reifnitz, by Lake Wörthersee. And this year, the designers and engineers within VW Audi Group have pulled out all the stops to showcase some stunning one-off specials.

VW celebrates an icon with the New Golf GTI Edition 35

To celebrate the 35th anniversary of the original hot hatch, Volkswagen has announced the first details of the latest special edition Golf GTI model – the Golf GTI Edition 35. With an increase in power of 25 bhp over the ‘standard’ car, the Edition 35 develops 232 bhp and is the most powerful production Golf GTI to date.

Volkswagen puts the Bug back into the Beetle

The original Volkswagen Beetle built between 1938 and 2003, became the longest-running and most-produced vehicle in the history of the car, with over 21 million units sold in its 65-year lifespan. It was developed by Ferdinand Porsche under instruction from Der Führer himself, Adolf Hitler, as the Type 1 Volkswagen – which literally means “people’s car” in German.

Volkswagen plays it rough with the 434 bhp Golf24

Volkswagen has announced that it is to return to the demanding Nürburgring 24-hour race in 2011 with an all-new challenger – the Golf24. Equipped with four-wheel drive and developing 434 bhp, the dramatic racing version of Volkswagen’s best-selling model has already undergone initial testing in Portugal and Italy ahead of the legendary 24-hour race.

ROAD 8: German Special

Welcome to the first in a series of German car specials of ROAD. Whether it’s their Teutonic efficiency, phenomenal reliability or sheer engineering superiority over most marques, German cars stand out from the masses.